Buyer’s Information

  1. Choose your real estate agent carefully.  You will spend a lot of time together and you must feel confident and comfortable.
  2. Discuss your comfort zone as far as price point & requisites that suit you.  Discuss any issues or concerns you may have regarding your purchase before you actually start your home search.
  3. Ask pertinent questions & expect clear & informative answers.
  4. Your Realtor is not a mind reader so keep the chat line open. If you feel he or she is not showing you homes you have an interest in go back to your list & clarify early on.
  5. If you really like a home but your Realtor has given you an important piece of information that may detract from your decision give it careful examination.
  6. Always keep in mind the home you buy appealed to you for a reason.  Before you buy think of re-selling this home.  Would the next Buyer see an appealing property?  When you look at it in this light it should help your decision.